Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, Manchester City – who hasn’t heard of these clubs? Among football fans, there are no such people. Few people think about why teams perform well. Everything has a simple explanation. The coach’s task is to rally the team and make its performance enchanting. This year, several trainers especially excelled.

What the best coaches ranking looks like

Football magazine from Future FourFourTwo annually publishes a rating of top trainers in the field of football. At the end of 2022, the annual list was released. The top 3 looked like this:

Rate Name Origin Club Age Club career
1 Josep Guardiola Spain Manchester City 51 years old Barcelona, Roma, Brescia, Dorados de Sinaloa
2 Thomas Tuchel Germany Chelsea 49 years old Stuttgarter Kickers, Ulm
3 Jurgen Klopp Germany Liverpool 55 years old Ergenzingen, Pforzheim, Eintracht, Victoria, Rot-Weiss, Mainz


Josep Guardiola won the main title in the 2022

Josep Guardiola’s career began at the height of his fame. Club and international careers make you wonder and envy. Since 1984, he played in the youth Barcelona, after which he moved to the main squad.

He also showed his talent in Roma and Dorados de Sinaloa. As a trainer, he also started in Barcelona, after which he managed Bayern. Since 2016, he has loved Manchester City like his own. Not surprisingly, it was he who won the title of the best.

Others are no less gorgeous and worthy

Thomas Tuchel began his mentor career in 2000 and devoted 17 years to German clubs. He coached where he used to perform himself. 2018-2020 Paris Saint-Germain was lucky enough to sign Thomas to a contract. And from 2021 to this day, he leads Chelsea.

Jurgen Klopp first became a mentor in 1988. Until 2015, he also had German teams in his arsenal. And since 2016, he has become committed to Liverpool.