It is worth understanding in detail the reasons for the embarrassment that occurred in the 2021/2022 football season. The Premier League has named Kevin de Bruyne the best player of the season. Manchester City player is an incredibly talented athlete. If the scandal from sponsors and fans had not started, everything would be fine.

Choice of the organizers of the tournament negatively perceived?

Let’s just say – indicators show the opposite. The performance of the athlete is inferior to many of his competitors. Even the simplest statistics will prove it. The goals and assists quantity leave much to be desired.

Here the first place was taken by Mohammed Salah. He got 25 goals, six of them from penalties.

Sportsman Goals number Penalties goals
Mohammed Salah 25 6
Andrew Robertson 23 5
Kevin de Bruyne 19 2


Liverpool and Tottenham strikers are not far behind. Kevin is not mentioned here. We will give a discount on his position in the team. He is not a striker.

Kevin – the god of assists

This title was awarded to Bruyne by fans and football experts. Past performances have become direct evidence. The 2021/2022 season has not been confirmed. Unfortunately, Mohammed Salah is in the lead here as well. He has 13 assists in his arsenal.

Rate Sportsman Assist number
1 Mohammed Salah 13
2 Trent Arnold 12
3 Andrew Robertson 10
12 Kevin de Bruyne 8


The rating is continued by Trent Arnold and Andrew Robertson. Bruyne is already in 12th place here. Eight assists are not enough.

Fan reaction is mixed

Even after considering elementary statistics, there are no questions about negative reviews. City fans are certainly happy. The rest are negative. But, as they say, decisions with the above are not discussed.