A young and hopeful athlete from the African continent. From the first thought, not a single association between popularity and ratings arises. However, sometimes even the most remote corners of the world give the planet stunning talents. Salah is the exact case.

Biography of the athlete and the first steps in the sports field

Mohammed’s birth date is 1992 in June in Basyoun. The boy’s childhood passed as usual in African countries. The family could not indulge in luxurious products and services. It didn’t become a barrier. The guy has been drawn to football since childhood.

At school, not a single change was made when he did not play on the field. A childhood hobby has grown into a serious business. The first club was Mokawloon. The second step was the Swiss Basel. Imagine that already in 2014, Chelsea bought Mohammed. Incredible start.

Mohammed Salah club career

The Egyptian club Mokawloon became the first step in the field of big sport. There, the man showed himself very well. Sponsors of big teams noticed him and started hunting.

Time Team Goals
2010-2012 Mokawloon 38
2012-2014 Basel 47
2014-2016 Chelsea 13
2016-2017 Roma 31
2017-now Liverpool 196


The statistics are incredibly astounding

Statistics are the main indicator of success in the career of any athlete. Salah can easily boast of breathtaking numbers.

June 15, 2021 – July 15, 2022
Tournament Total Games Assists Goals Left field Minutes
Premier League 35 9 25 5 2762
FA Cup 2 0 0 1 123
League Cup 1 0 0 0 120
Champions League 13 2 8 6 1010
National team 7 1 2 13 4765


Stunning data, isn’t it? We believe that there are no questions or doubts left.

Mohammed Salah really has every chance of becoming the greatest footballer of the century.