For this football club, 2022 is already 108th in the Premier League, 116th in overall games, and 30th in EPL games. The most prestigious competition for the crew is the Premier League. Today, with her statistics, we want to start the story.

Chelsea club statistics in the games of the EPL

It is necessary to sensibly assess the position of the crew in the overall picture of the competition. Just look at the overall rating of the teams.

Rate Club Total Games Victory Draw Losses Goals scored Missed goals Scores
1 Manchester City 38 29 6 3 99 26 93
2 Liverpool 38 28 8 2 94 26 92
3 Chelsea 38 20 12 6 75 33 72
4 Tottenham Hotspur 38 22 5 11 69 40 71
5 Arsenal 38 22 3 13 61 48 69


As we can see from the statistics, the crew is strictly in the middle. Not a lot, not a little. It cannot be said that third place is the ultimate dream. Can be more and better. The team is strongly committed to winning the Premier League next season in 2023.

Further qualification

As for the classification rules on points, goal difference, and away/home matches, four teams from the ranking qualify for the UEFA Champions League Group Stage. That is what happened this time as well.

Chelsea, along with Manchester City, Liverpool, and Tottenham Hotspur moved on. Arsenal, as the fifth-placed team, qualified for the UEFA Europa League Group Stage.

In the UEFA Champions League at the group stage in Group H, the crew advanced with Juventus. The crew has three wins, one draw, and one defeat in the group. In the one-eighth final, the club defeated Lille. In the quarter-finals, the team lost to Real Madrid with a score of 5:4.