The start of the period in the UK is intense and unexplored. It is difficult for everyone to guess the possible each tournament’s winner. Annually, one thing remains the same – Liverpool is always within experts and fans.

Liverpool’s performance in the EPL

The EPL is an important high-class tournament. To take part in it is already a great honor for the team. In matches, the crew managed to demonstrate extraordinary professionalism and dedication.

The crew finished in 2nd place in the competition table:

Rate Club Total Games Victory Draw Losses Goals scored Missed goals Scores
1 Manchester City 38 29 6 3 99 26 93
2 Liverpool 38 28 8 2 94 26 92
3 Chelsea 38 20 12 6 75 33 72
4 Tottenham Hotspur 38 22 5 11 69 40 71
5 Arsenal 38 22 3 13 61 48 69


As for the results of the rating table, the club received the right to go to the Group stage of the greater League. The team managed not just to get out of the Group stage. The players did their best to reach the final. Unfortunately, luck was not on their side there. They lost and the opponent became the winner.

FA Cup wins for the club

Unlike the League, the FA Cup was able to please the team more. The semi-final was tense and difficult. Manchester City didn’t want to just give away the victory in the round. But fate decided otherwise.

Date Team 1 Score Team 2 Location
April, 16 Manchester City 2 3 Liverpool London
April, 17 Chelsea 2 0 Crystal Palace London


After going through the semi-final, then final, the crew defeated Chelsea in a shootout getting 6:5 points. Mohammed Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold were named the best players of the season. This victory was stunning.