English football is an incredibly exciting spectacle. It is known all over the planet. Millions of fans look forward to matches every season. Famous players often play in clubs from Brazil, France, Argentina, Italy, and Spain. But usually, it is the UK that boasts the largest number.

At the beginning of each season, experts have the honor to present the best athletes based on the results of previous years. This is what is happening now. We are proud to present the rating. Today we will talk about five top English athletes.

Football players are ranked top

Fans, football athletes, spectators, and organizers all know that getting into the top list is everyone’s greatest wish. Each season, the rating is replenished with new promising players. The 2022 season has brought newly established talent to the sports world. To date, the ranking is as follows.

Rate Player Location origin Birth date Team Value rate
1 Kevin De Bruyne Belgium 28 June 1998 Manchester City 100
2 Bukayo Saka English 5 September 2001 Arsenal 100
3 Rodri Rodri Spain 22 June 1996 Manchester City 99
4 Nick Pope England 19 April 1992 Newcastle United 98
5 N’Golo Kante France 29 March 1991 Chelsea 97


All football athletes from the rating list worked very hard and for a long time to achieve current results. We can see the results now. You can be sure that they deserve such high positions. We invite you to plunge into the world of sports achievements. Let’s find out their motivation together.

Kevin De Bruyne tops the list

One of the best midfielders of our era. Kevin De Bruyne is the hero of the modern football world. A permanent member of the Belgian national team and an indispensable member of the Manchester City team.

Since 2015, Kevin has been recognized as the best athlete in both Belgium and England. 2015 was also a successful year in the context of the Bundesliga.

Kevin’s career began with the Belgian youth team. He was immediately noticed by the football sponsors of English clubs. 2013 was marked by a game in Chelsea. Bruyne has been loyal to Manchester City since 2015.

Bukayo Saka – is second on the list, but not in career

England and Arsenal are lucky to have such a man in their squad. Left-back is the position that brought luck to Saka. Although the athlete was born in London, his entire family is from Nigeria. From childhood, the boy was drawn to sports.

This later paid off. At the age of 17, he signed his first contract with a London club. And 2018 was an incredible year for him – Bukayo entered the starting XI of Arsenal. Two years after starting at Arsenal, Saka won the FA Cup and Super Cup titles.

Rodrigo Hernandez – Spanish blood in the UK

English football is very measured and calm. Sometimes you even want more emotions and brightness. This shade helped bring Rodrigo to Manchester City. He was brought up on hot Spanish soil, in such clubs as Atletico Madrid and Villarreal. All this experience helped him become a Manchester player.

The only goalkeeper among the tops – Nick Pope

Sometimes experts and spectators do not believe in the strength of goalkeepers. However, it is they who make the outcome of matches. Nick Pope was born in England. He always loved his country and remained devoted to it in the sports field.

Since 2008, his entire career has been connected only to English. Clubs – Welling United, York City, Burnley. Pope has been an honorary member of the England team since 2018.

N’Golo Kante – Malian among the British

This does not give him a bad reputation. On the contrary, the Malian managed to prove his strength. In March 2012, Kante played the first match under an official contract. Having started his career in French teams, already in 2015, the first English club, Leicester City, appeared in the athlete’s life.

A year later, Chelsea noticed Kante and invited him to play. To this day, N’Golo continues his illustrious career at Chelsea as a defensive midfielder.